Les & Vicky Anderson
1235 Nash Ave
Kanawha, IA 50447
Fax: 641-762-3527
Phone: 641-762-3528

Just like you want to know about the cars, you want to know about the people who work on the cars. So we'll tell you:
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Gary Steenblock, Justin Pringnitz, Vicky Anderson, Les Anderson,
Calvin Lang, Mark Boyle, summer intern James Vanderplog, & Ron Wise.

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Les & Vicky Anderson
1235 Nash Ave.
Kanawha, Ia. 50447

Phone #: 641-762-3528
Fax #: 641-762-3527
Cellphone #: 641-420-0204
E-mail address: lvandrestlc@comm1net.net

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