Les & Vicky Anderson
1235 Nash Ave
Kanawha, IA 50447
Fax: 641-762-3527
Phone: 641-762-3528

Like we have mentioned, we do full-frame restorations down to oil-changes.
But we also do partial restorations which are done to your specifications.
To sum up, call or e-mail us with what you want done to your car, and we will be able to do it.

Painting, Upholstery, and Shop Facilities:

Looking North, South SidePaint and Upholstery ShopThe building on the left is where we upholster and paint the vehicles (see Upholstery & Paint Barn, Shop). We also do various shop work in it.
The building on the right (see Painting & Shop) is where we have extra room for painting and shop work.

An inside view of the building on the right, is on the right:

A Trans Am in ProgressIn the Shop there is always a car being worked on, it happens that this one is a Trans Am.

Final Prep BuildingA new addition we just finished is the Final Prep Room:
It is only used just before vehicles are returned to their owners

Some views from inside the newly finished Final Prep Room/Finishing Shop:
1907 Holsman we are doing some mechanical work on1928 Hispano-Suiza running gear1926 Model T Coupe1959 Imperial1938 Ford Pickup
A 1907 Holsman we are doing some mechanical work on.
The running gear of a 1928 Hispano-Suiza.
A 1926 Model T Coupe.
A 1959 Imperial.
A 1938 Ford Pickup.

Our Woodworking Facilities:

Looking NorthOur Wood shopThe building on the right is just for regular storage (see Storage Shed), while the building on the left houses our miniature horses (see Horse Barn).

And finally, the building in the middle is where we work wood (see The Woodworking Barn). An inside view is on the right.

The Band StudioAnd that is basically it. Thank you for coming on our tour.

We almost forgot! We also have a recording studio adjacent to our wood shop. Take a look.

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